Thursday, July 22, 2004

Stanco Franco

Had $20 on the Mets today, laying 1 1/2 runs. My logic was simple: a) I figured Tommy Glavine's streak would end. He's due for a win and maybe David Wright would do something worthy of his hype; b) the money line wouldn't pay out enough, so I played the spread, hoping for that retirement-inducing financial windfall; c) I'm not the smartest man in town.

It was a commercial on the Yankees game, another El Duque masterpiece by the way, so I flicked over to the Mets game. I saw John Franco on the mound for the Mets in a 1-1 game. Within seconds, "Rounders" was on my screen. Teddy KGB just flipped over pocket aces and Mike McD was done. McD went all in and he was soon all out.

Did I hit the DVD remote? Did my television give birth to picture-in-picture technology overnight?

Sadly, no. It was still the Mets game, Franco still on the mound. But I knew before the cards were turned over. Franco would blow it, I'd be out $20 and my Vegas pipe dream needed Liquid Plumbr AND some Drano.


  • At 5:27 PM, Blogger Joey Knish said…

    You trying to roll up a stake and go to Vegas? Careful of putting all that glimmer into play. Franco lost his stuff five years ago. You never should have made the bet. While you are at it, go stay on 16 while the dealer is showing a face'll achieve the same result.

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