Monday, August 23, 2004

Random Olympic Thoughts II

* Nice to see the media, and by default the general public, catching on to what I learned a few late night/early mornings ago: U.S. softball is a compelling story. No runs allowed yet. That's not all Jennie Finch being explosively hot. There is some true talent in that dugout.

* Kudos to the sport of tennis for replacing synchronized diving as the least Olympic sport in the history of Olympic sports. It's an even better feat when you stop to consider that synchronized diving has had an extensive two-day life as an Olympic sport.

* The surprise of these Games is not the rise of Iraqi soccer or the collapse of U.S. hoops, but rather Italy men's soccer gaining a 1-nil advantage with three minutes left in overtime and NOT switching to its world-famous 10-0-0 formation.

* Donn Nelson's implied task as assistant coach for Lithuania's basketball team must be teaching Lithuanians how to whine about EVERY call by the referee. More and more, the international game gets infiltrated with American customs. Pretty soon, no team will be able to hit from beyond 14 feet.

* Even in the post-Cold War era, it warms me to see a 31 1/2-point spread comfortably covered by the favorite. U.S. 100, China 62 in women's basketball. Gotta love Diana!

* The 100-meter dash would be the most exciting 10 seconds in all of sports if not for the fact that it takes only 10 seconds to run, thereby giving up such precious tailgate time. We are a culture of seven-hour Super Bowl pre-game coverage. Surely, we could get a few minutes of warning time before the actual races for the world's fastest man and woman begin.

* Hearing Consultant friend Jason and lovely wife Penny rave about how Carly Patterson did backf lips in their living room, I'm beginning to rethink my stance on High Definition television. I, however, still contend that female gymnasts should be required by law to eat more than one meal a month.

* When did NBA players forget how to fight through a screen?

* David Stern is a genius the likes of which the world has yet to encounter. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and the guy from "Princess Bride" who drank the iocane powder are intellectually inferior to the mighty David. Let's see Einstein devise a formula for getting sports fans to care about the NBA before the playoffs.

* Da Ali G show needs to be tested for steroids, then banned regardless of the outcome. Sorry for the digression, but there was a commercial after a cycling event on Bravo after midnight and I changed the channel to see what was on HBO 37. He simply isn't funny.

* What did I watch on television between midnight and 1 a.m. before the Olympics began?

* I always hate to see Olympians get hurt, but the pictures of Gail Devers running into a hurdle made me laugh. I know, I'm headed straight to Hades, but I'm sure I'll know some people down there.

* At some point this week, I will have to rent Athens 2004 for PlayStation 2 just to see if I can beat Michael Phelps.

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