Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Random Olympic thoughts

* I'm wondering how, with all the satellite cable systems and sports packages offered, I can only watch Croatia play four corners in team handball once every four years. That's very upsetting, though not nearly as upsetting as the fact that I watched Croatia play four corners in team handball yesterday.

* Jennie Finch really isn't that hot.

* What is stopping one synchronized diver from going rogue and doing a cannonball for his part of the two-man dive?

* OK, Jennie Finch really IS that hot, but I try to convince myself of the opposite to avoid sticking my head in the glove compartment of my car and slamming it shut six times in a row each day.

* If i walked into my office and sat down at my desk wearing mirrored swim goggles and a swim cap with the U.S. flag and my last name on it, what would happen?

* Restaurant friend Rob will disagree with this statement, but since I have to pay for my food in his restaurant, I don't really care about his opinion: Logan Tom should abandon the short hair and grow it out. This way, I could actually watch the entire women's volleyball match and root for the U.S. instead of figuring out how I can fly to Athens to ask for her hand in marriage and still be back in time for work.

* "Thorpedo" may be the greatest Olympic nickname in the history of Olympic nicknames. Sorry, Journalist friend Mike (Note: In all future writings, he will be referred to as Five-Dollar Mike for his keen ability to never win a simple $5 bet against me), but Alberto Tomba "La Bamba" is a close second and can never move higher due to his visual similarity to Vinny Testaverde. Quick, somebody help, I'm having five-interception flashbacks.

* I never knew I enjoyed watching sailing and judo this much. I'm hoping that's just the Olympics talking.

* Bob Costas should be given gold-medal consideration in any event he so chooses just for not being nearly as annoying as expected.

* Hmmm, does Inge de Bruijn like Americans who learned how to swim at Jones Beach? Will Logan Tom be upset with me for that sentence?

* Emeka Okafor, where are you?

* I struggle with the more amusing scene: a) weightlifter falling down after an unsuccessful lift, b) gymnast falling off the rings, balance beam or other apparatus; c) synchronized diving; d) Iraqi soccer fans; e) Bela Karoyli

More musings to come as the Games continue.

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