Monday, September 13, 2004

Jacksonville Jets

I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to put the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets in the Super Bowl down in Jacksonville this coming February. It's just one week, I tell myself. It's the Bungles, I tell myself.

It's no use. Maybe a few deep breaths and a viewing of the 2003 NFL Yearbook will calm me down.

But Curtis Martin looked so goo . . .

One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi.

And McCareins is the big receiver the Jets nee . . .

Three-Mississippi, Four-Mississippi.

The rookie secondary played dece . . .

Five-Mississippi, Six-Mississippi.

Chad Pennington is a stud quarterba . . .

Seven-Mississippi, Eight-Mississi . . .

Oh, f-bomb it. Make those reservations because the Jets are going to the Super Bowl. No sense trying to hold back anymore. The offense looked explosive. Curtis Martin ran like he was 23 years old. Santana Moss caught some deep balls and Justin McCareins flashed as the possession receiver every Jets fan has been screaming for since Keyshawn left. Even Jersey Shore Wayne caught a few passes and walked off the field knowing exactly where we has was. Jerald Sowell had a 19-yard run, which is more than nine times as many yards as he gained all of last season.

OK, so I sighed "Here we go again" after the first play of the game when the field turf of Giants Stadium made a great open-field tackle and then stripped the ball from Jonathan Carter. I was fully prepared for a night of "You just knew"s from Joe Beningo. But something happened. Chad happened.

On to the defense, where no third-and-long is too long to convert against these Jets. But at least Sam Cowart is still alive, contrary to reports that said he died before the start of last season. Heck, the Jets even stopped the run a few times. Donnie Henderson deserves a raise immediately.

See you in Jacksonville!

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