Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Mark's Mailbag

What do you make of Capriati's comments after the match? I thought she was callus and insensitive. She had the nerve to declare that she deserves to get a call once in a while. Hell, she got four! She even asked what the big deal was since Serena won the game! Wrong! What a (expletive)! Does she need to win that badly!? Don't answer that! Of course she does! It was almost as if no matter what Serena did, she was not going to win that match.

Whatever happened to good sportsmanship? Capriati could have acknowledged that the ball was in. Her lie that she was not looking is bogus. Both she and Serena moved to the opposite corner in preparation for the serve... a clear indication that both women saw the ball good.

There is a saying...God don't like ugly. She'll get hers. Some people just have no conscience. Hope she can sleep at night.
-- Josephine N., Parts Unknown

Dear Josephine: Capriati is trash. She knew that ball was in, but she can't beat Serena without cheating. Even high school tennis players are better sports than she is, and those kids make all their own calls. Seems to me if a 15-year-old is less apt to lie (and they don't have television replays), then Capriati could offer honesty once in a while. But if she had to lie, at least come up with a better excuse than not seeing the ball.

I'm not a Serena fan, but if they don't investigate further, I'd really be surprised. An umpire overruling a line judge from the other side of the court, at a critical point in the game, and the fact that it wasn't even close makes me even more suspicious? Forget replay, if it were baseball or football there would be a major investigation to see if gambling was involved, this shouldn't be any different. I guess they just want this to go away, quietly?
-- Dan F., Parts Unknown

Dear Dan: Shhhhh, they might hear you.

Thank You Mark for echoing my sentiments exactly. I was so appalled by the unfair call(s) that I could not even watch my favorite, Roddick, play. I turned the channel and thought about what I had just witnessed. I wish Serena or someone from the audience would have raised a greater objection and continued until it was fairly resolved. Once is a mistake but two, three and four times after that isn't.
-- Debbie C., Parts Unknown

Dear Debbie: Wow! Denying yourself Mr. Roddick because of shady umpiring. I'm impressed. I thought I was bad not accepting phone calls for three days after Roberto Baggio put the final penalty kick over the crossbar, handing Brazil the 1994 World Cup. But your decision brings sports self-martyrdom to an all-time high. We need to hang out.

hockey is only for canadians migrating to your "fine" country? according to an NBC survey, hockey fans are the highest-educated of all American sports fans. Pass that on to Steve from N.Y.
-- Adrian B., North Babylon

Yo, Adrian: Does this NBC survey you speak of come from the same source Dan Rather got his Bush papers from? Hockey and highest-educated should never be used in the same sentence. Hockey belongs exactly where it is now: locked out!

Please tell Steve from NY that he is an idiot. Just because he doesn't care about the greatest sport in the world(hockey) it doesn't mean other people don't!!!
-- Heath C., Bellmore

Dear Heath: We appreciate your passion for what you enjoy. But name-calling never helped anyone, except for Dave Winfield who earned the greatest derisive nickname in history - "Mr. May." However, I allowed this into my mailbag just to spark some debate. If Steve from N.Y. is still out there, feel free to respond to Heath from Boogie Down Bellmore. I promise to keep the barbs going each mailbag, but you barb-slingers have to promise to keep it clean and to keep things within the confines of this column and the law. We don't need any hockey dad incidents here. It's a free speech world and we're just trying to have some fun.

That wraps up our second mailbag of the season. No animals were harmed in the writing of this mailbag. The next one will post when I receive enough good e-mails in which to respond.

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