Monday, October 18, 2004

Random ALCS Thoughts II

* Stated simply, Paul Quantrill is not a very good pitcher. Stated Keyboard Quarterback-ly, Paul Quantrill is this year's Donnie Moore.

* Tony Clark looks very similar to ex-NBA/Court TV star Jayson Williams. After watching Clark bobble that groundball, I found myself wishing Clark had Williams' aim to go along with the comparable height and DNA strands.

* John Olerud needs a nickname. I suggest "Johnny Ola" from The Godfather II, provided he plays again. If not, I suggest "John Ole-dud."

* An insane Game 4 led me searching for clarity. The search led me to Joe Beningo on the FAN ranting about the Jets. The juxtaposition of sanity, Beningo and the FAN is a humorous concept, much like the phrase "reputable massage parlor." Strangely, it worked -- the FAN, that is. I can't speak to the healing powers of a massage parlor. Uh, I mean, I can't write about that.

* Regardless of the 3-0 lead in the series heading into the game, I can never get upset when Mariano Rivera blows a save. The guy is the best ever, and when a team beats Rivera, you know they earned the win.

* Why do the Yankees still pitch to David Ortiz? Why do the Red Sox still pitch to Hideki Matsui?

* Sure Ortiz beat the Yankees in Game 4, but his tossing of the helmet 20 feet before touching home plate was pretty funny.

* Stuart Scott should be banished to ESPN 38, or perhaps random Patriot League football radio broadcast. Sorry to digress, but his presence on SportsCenter Sunday night/Monday morning prevented me from watching the Game 4 highlights.

* Will Daddy use the spoon, the foot, the belt or the back of the hand when he brings the pain to Pedro tonight in Game 5?

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