Friday, November 05, 2004

Give 'Windmill' a Chance

The hiring of Willie Randolph as manager of the New York Mets renews my faith that idiots are alive and well in America.

This has nothing to do with Omar Minaya, Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon, Randolph or anyone else in the Mets’ organization and everything to do with the people calling radio shows and posting on Internet message boards and chat rooms.

These schmucks on wheels believe that Randolph won’t be a good manager because he’s a Yankee. And just when I was ready to give credit to America for not being dumber than Nicole Richie on late-night talk shows, they come out from under the couch to drop such insightful gems as, “I’m disgusted. I don’t want a Yankee running my team.”

Well, morons:
A) It’s not your team.
B) He’s not exactly replacing Connie Mack or Miller Huggins.
C) He understands how to win, which is unheard of in Mets country.
D) When the Mets are .500 in August and perhaps playing one or two meaningful games in September (very early September), you’ll be praising Willie as the savior.
E) The Mets copy everything from the Yankees, from their pinstriped uniforms to the logo on their hats to the city they play in.

Wait, there’s more:
F) If the Mets’ franchise is so bad (and it is), then why not take from the best? It worked for Robin Hood.
G) Art Howe couldn’t handle the New York media and he was ripped for not being a New Yorker
H) Joe Torre was blasted the day he got hired and looked what happened the past nine years.

You can criticize the hiring for Randolph having no managerial experience, or for the fact that he’s not Bobby Valentine or Jim Leyland. But he’s an established name in New York and is hungry to prove that he deserved any of the 12 jobs he interviewed for previously.

In the end, Randolph needs players to be considered a successful manager. Torre was average at best until he came to the Yankees and had some talent to work. Mike Piazza is on the decline and Randolph must fire up the front office to pursue big free agents such as Carlos Beltran.

The Yankee pedigree can only help the Mets in the short-term. Wise front-office moves and better on-the-field talent will carry the rest.

Rip the Mets if you wish for the hiring, but do it for the right reasons.

If the Mets make a run at the playoffs in 2005 or 2006, would you really care that Randolph once played for the Yankees? Remember, he once played for the Mets, too.

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