Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Random sporting thoughts

* Jon Gruden was once considered the best young mind in the NFL. It's amazing how he jumped the shark after winning the Super Bowl two years ago, culminated by his hiring of Paul Hackett as quarterbacks coach for the Buccaneers. Phil Simms should pull an Archie Manning and demand that his son, Chris Simms, be traded from Tampa Bay. Let Brian Griese suffer with the Hack Daddy.

* I liked having the Florida Marlins being a professional sports franchise more when they were selling players for umbrellas and sun-tan lotion rather than buying players for $52 million. Bring back 1998, please, and preferably without some would-be-out-of-work-if-not-for-VH1 comedians.

* If Terrell Owens plays in the Super Bowl, he will be the new Willis Reed.

* For the second year in a row, Rodney Harrison remains the morning-line favorite to get arrested during Super Bowl week.

* What if they were the New Jack City Patriots instead of the New England Patriots? This thing is bigger than Tom Brady. Soon, Belichick will itch, and Andy Reid will be there to scratch the hell out of him.

* Geez, the Knicks really, really stink.

* For at least the third time in the last month, the NHL players are having a "last chance to save the season" meeting. This is getting painfully annoying. Just step up and make a decision. It's worse than a 14-year-old girl trying to figure out what to wear on the first day of school.

* Most annoying stories during Super Bowl week, in order:
1) Belichick's a genius.
2) The Patriots are just a bunch of no-names.
3) Eagles fans.

* Is anyone else dreading next Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day? I'm wondering what ridiculous things will occur this year that will require me to waste precious moments of my life writing about.

* UNC will win the national championship.

* I hate half-points.

* Forget the Super Bowl parties this year. Let's arrange the "NHL is over" party. THAT is a reason to celebrate with chips, wings, drinks, salsas from around the world, and twins.