Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random thoughts on Randy

I watched the second half of the All-star press conference doubleheader this afternoon. (I woke up at 12:30 today, thus costing me a chance at experiencing Omar Minaya starting 10 sentences and finishing a different 10 sentences in response to one question).

In viewing the 6-foot-10 mullet-less Randy Johnson speak, I began to think:

* What is Mike Mussina thinking when he hears Michael Kay and Suzyn Waldman say the Yankees finally have a No. 1 starter?

* Where is Johnson's wife? Usually at these press conferences, the wife has some primo real estate location on the dais.

* How many people can the Yankees possibly introduce before introducing the only person we want to hear speak? It began with Yankees public relations savant Rick Cerrone, who then brought up team president Randy Levine, who then brought up general manager Brian Cashman. This was ridiculous. I was waiting for the entire starting rotation from 1991 to come up and say a few words. (For those wondering, that gem of a staff was Wade Taylor, Jeff Johnson, Pascual Perez, Scott Sanderson, Dave Eiland.)

* Some Steinbrenner rules are good, such as the one that bans long hair. Though I'm all about expressing yourself as you wish, those nasty white-man gheri curls Johnson wore had to go.

* Damn, this guy is tall!

* It will be such a pleasure to watch games on YES this year, because that means I won't be listening to them on the radio, which means I won't be listening to Waldman calling the games on the radio. She's a very nice lady in person, but the voice, oh lord, the voice. She is the antithesis to Demi Moore's voice, perhaps the sexiest ever.

* Through my limited exposure to sportscaster Duke Castiglione, I'm of the opinion that he is the poor man's Jim Rome. I could be wrong, but I also could be right. I'll have to investigate further. Castiglione is the CBS reporter involved in the Randy Johnson-cameraman scandal. He pressed the situation a bit and declined to agree that Johnson tried to be nice about the whole thing afterward. Research shows that Castiglione hosts some sort of sports roundtable show on Sundays on CBS. I wonder if it's called "Castiglione is burning."

* Where is Derek Jeter?

* Seeing that Yankees sign as the backdrop always reminds me of a 1995 cover of Yankees Magazine where Don Mattingly announced his one-year sabbatical, which was in effect, his retirement. Always a sad, but proud moment in my fandom.