Monday, February 07, 2005

Random Super Bowl Thoughts

Being how I haven't watched a Super Bowl the way an American should in six years, I can only offer sporadic thoughts on the bits and pieces I saw on television and the news I inferred from going through the wires at work and producing 100 photos so you lovely readers would have a nice keepsake photo album to peruse on Monday.

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* Helloooooooo Tails! Gotta love that. Winning the coin toss bet always makes for a good Super Bowl.

* As predicted, Donovan McNabb tweaked. And his first pass was incomplete. Another victory for me!

* Bill Belichick smiled. He even had a minor eruption of excitement. It's true. I have photos to prove it.

* T.O. played a heck of a game. He should be commended for his desire to play in the biggest game of the season.

* Paul McCartney is coming dangerously close to challenging HBO boxing analyst Larry Merchant for the undisputed title "Guy who should have retired 12 years ago but refuses to because he thinks he's still good at what he does and the people can't live without him." I'd pay $39.95 for that pay-per-view fight.

* Tom Brady. Geez. Make a mistake! For the love of Pete.

* Somewhere, Rush Limbaugh is smiling, saying "I told you so." That's upsetting.

* Andy Reid and the Eagles botched the clock management in the last five minutes. Jets coach Herman Edwards played for the Eagles. Coincidence?

* How about Romeo Crennel? This guy wins his third Super Bowl in four years as the defensive coordinator. Five minutes later, he accepts the Cleveland Browns' head coaching job. Clearly, he already did, but was waiting until afterward to announce it. But, give it a day. The Browns are no better with you as their coach before Monday afternoon.

* If Deion Branch had this sort of game during the season, instead of a leg injury that cost him nine or so weeks, perhaps my fantasy team (The Fryburg Antonellis) would not have started out 0-5.

* Deity-of-your-choice damn the tuck rule!

* I still maintain that Rich Gannon was the most valuable player of Super Bowl XXXVII. He threw 5 touchdowns, three for his Raiders and two for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though the Patriots didn't convert any of McNabb's three interceptions into points, McNabb still deserves consideration for MVP. He helped the Eagles almost win as much as he helped the Patriots definitely win.

* I wish I had TiVo.

* Were the commercials any good?

* Adam Vinatieri's field goal was the difference. But at least it didn't come in a blizzard, or at the end of the game, or in overtime, or as he got shot from the press box, or as he leg went sailing into the air, or as the Eagles blocked it and it bounced off Pat Pass' head and miraculously flew forward 22 yards and skimmed in. Not sure I could handle another ridiculous Vinatieri moment.

* Andy Reid exhaled during one play and the Eagles were called for having 12 men on the field.

* Super Bowl XL: Jets vs. Redskins. Randy Moss catches a record 5 touchdown passes from Chad Pennington as the Jets dismantle Joe Gibbs' squad. Herm botches the clock management again, but it doesn't matter because the Jets have a big lead. LaMont Jordan runs for 186 yards after Curtis Martin gets hurt in the AFC Championship. Patrick Ramsey throws a screen pass and Jonathan Vilma goes Jack Squirek, picks it off and runs it in for the easy touchdown. Maybe I won't have to work that night and I'll be able to watch the Super Bowl in front of my own television for the first time since 1998. Ah, what a glorious parlay that would be. Any takers?