Friday, March 11, 2005

Random Sporting Thoughts

Things that ran through my brain this week:

* What does it mean when singer Ricky Martin looks more like Jose Canseco's twin brother than does his actual twin, Ozzie?

* If you haven't seen the movie "Friday Night Lights" yet, don't waste your time. Of course, that is provided you have already seen "Any Given Sunday" and "Varsity Blues."

* Another week with no hockey. Such joy in March.

* We need a Met or Yankee to say something ridiculous soon. Otherwise, we've reached that point of spring training where stories about backup infielders, No. 7 starters and the fourth guy out of the bullpen appear important.

* Who's the bigger idiot: Mike Tice or Mike Tice? He got caught scalping his own Super Bowl tickets. It doesn't get more Suffolk than that!

* Madness is looming!

* We're slowly approaching Clark Kellogg time. God help us all.

* I wonder if Randy Moss ratted out Mike Tice.

* I hope Randy Moss ratted out Mike Tice.

* Don't bet against Geno Auriemma. He locked down another Big East title for the UConn women. Can he win a fourth straight NCAA title with a team that, by comparison to his previous championship teams, wouldn't even make the WNIT?

* Get those Coles jerseys out of the Dumpster. The bald and bitter receiver is back in Jet green (and he's got a lot of Dan Snyder's green, too).

* No Plaxico Burress for Giants = no way to avoid another 8-game losing skid this season.

* How long until Ken Griffey Jr. gets hurt again?