Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Random Thoughts on Madness

Some things that scurried through my brain while watching this weekend's Madness:

* Pittsnogle needs to shave that squirly goatee off.

* Roy Williams did his best to avoid another letdown in the Final Four by nearly tanking games against inferior opponents.

* I wish I DVR'd the Duke loss. Would have enjoyed viewing those events. It's always fun watching the fall of an empire.

* Lots of poor coaching on display this weekend.

* Third worst coaching move: Tubby Smith, Kentucky. Wow, that was some play he drew up at the end of the first overtime, where the Cats wasted as much time as possible before dribbling to the baseline and letting the buzzer sound before shooting. Ashley Judd must have been beside herself. Or perhaps that made her forget about her starring role in "Double Jeopardy."

* Second worst coaching move: Rick Pitino, Louisville. This guy showed his Long Island roots by entering the game in a bold, brash and punkish manner. He opened in a zone against West Virginia, which just happens to be the hottest shooting team from the perimeter since the people assembled for the NBA's three-point shooting contest. He actually gameplanned this strategy. Unbelievable. Perhaps that's why the Cardinals got blown out in the first half and had to scrap their way toward overtime.

* First worst coaching move: Lute Olsen, Arizona. Twelve seconds left in overtime, your team trails by one (after blowing a 15-point lead in the final four minutes, oh by the way.) How does Salim Stoudamire not touch the ball. Instead, some other guy gets the inbound, dribbles, passes to a guy who is two feet away from him, gets the ball back, waits, then throws up a brick three-pointer as the buzzer sounds. Nice clock management and crunch-time decision making. Perhaps Olsen should retire. I hear the Herm Edwards School of Clock Management is looking for a new assistant dean.

* Illinois = good.

* North Carolina = very good.

* Duke = home.

* The Villanova traveling call at the end of the game against North Carolina may have been the worst call in a big spot in the history of worst calls in a big spot. Even a Tar Heels fan such as myself can freely admit that call was bogus. Even a Tar Heels fan such as myself can freely not complain about the call.

* Tom "H to the" Izzo deserves commendation for beating Duke and Kentucky in a 48-hour span. Regardless of what kind of teams those schools fielded this year, beating two storied programs such as those is an impressive feat.

* Can't wait to see Roy cutting down those nets in St. Louis on Monday night!