Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sleeper City Update

Over there in Bracketville, I'm the village idiot. In case you need proof, I've got four brackets at the ready.

But here in Sleeper City, I'm the mayor, town planner, comptroller and ombudsman. In case you need proof, here we go with a review of my sleeper picks offered here last week:

Syracuse Regional -- Villanova.
Oh, lookee here. 'Nova has a date to the Sweet Sixteen with big, bad UNC. No. 5 Villanova's run will end here against the eventual national champion, but seeing how the Wildcats never fully achieved until this year, it's a nice step forward for Jay Wright. Plus, it's always good to see the local kid, Amityville's Jason Fraser, play big. As Editor friend Tim would say, "Felton, May, McCants, Jawad, Roy, whoozzgonnabeeeetem?"

Austin Regional -- Vermont, Utah.
Here in the Stone Cold regional, I'm dropping bombs. No. 13 Vermont was a monster call, and that 43-foot three-pointer for no reason was beautiful. Bye bye No. 4 Syracuse. However, I declined to pick the Catamounts in most of my brackets because I tweaked. I had a gut-check moment like Johnny Moxon at Jules Harbor's burger window in "Varsity Blues." But at least I take comfort in Vermont ruining Jim Boeheim's year. That's always a pleasurable feeling.

Don't look now, but we've got the Ashley Judd-Rick Majerus remix. Set up your DVR, or your TiVo. It's all about Judd Cam! (Ashley, if you're reading, drop me an e-mail). No. 6 Utah made it to the Sweet 16 and faces No. 2 Kentucky. I don't particularly care who wins this game, but more Kentucky games on TV mean more Ashley Judd sightings on TV, so I guess I particularly care who wins this game. Go 'Cats. And as Jamal Magloire once told Lexington lawyer friend Munster, "Man, they play in the WAC!"

Albuquerque Regional -- Georgia Tech/George Washington.
Oopsies. Looks like I missed one. No. 4 Louisville hammered No. 5 Tech, so the bet-against went against the bettor. Oh well, they can't all be winners. Even Tommy Lee dated an ugly girl once.

Chicago Regional - Arizona.
Amazingly, these Wildcats haven't self-imploded yet, thus making my sleeper pick look extra explosive. Mustache friend Ernie, a displaced Arizonan, wasn't very happy with my pick because he knows the deal. No. 3 Arizona always finds a way to mess things up. Not this year. They're taking out No. 2 Oklahoma State, then No. 1 Illinois. And I'll be dancing all the way to the bank . . . and asking for a loan to pay off my debts.

Sweet Sixteen sleeper: Texas Tech.
Can Bobby Knight get to the Final Four? Yes he can!