Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random shining thoughts

Things that ran through my brain during the three or so hours of North Carolina's triumphant return to the top of college basketball:

* Sean May is a stud. Should he declare for the NBA draft and my hunch is he will, it will be really fun to watch the Knicks bypass him in the lottery.

* Raymond Felton has an amazing knack for making UNC fans hate him in the first half and love him in the second. He'll make lazy passes in the first 20 minutes, then amazing ones in the second. He'll commit dumb fouls in the first 20 minutes, then none in the second. He'll miss shots in the first 20 minutes, then drain 25-footers in the second. Then again, if I had to choose, I'd prefer a second-half player.

* Rashad McCants will turn pro in a matter of minutes.

* "One Shining Moment" is without a doubt the greatest moment of sappy, emotional string-pulling in television, and I let it happen to me every time.

* Or, as Editor friend Dave said, "If you don't like get emotional during 'One Shining Moment,' then you don't have a pulse."

* Roy Williams is no longer "Best coach to have never won a national championship." Somewhere, Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton is pissed at Williams. He's got one more year left and his best players won't be Cowboys next season.

* Special shoutout to Doctor friend Christy, Writer friend Jason and Editor friend LaRonda, all of whom happen to be Duke fans: Eat it!

* Back-to-reality disclaimer: I fully understand that Duke's program over the past 15 years has been more consistent than North Carolina, but at least for a day or two, please let me have my shining moment. After all, it'll take another 12 years or so for the Heels to win another one.

* Marvin Williams should stay in school another year. Maybe then he'll learn how to catch the ball.

* Of the 10 starters in Monday's night game, there's a chance none of them will be in college next year. Note: Only four are seniors.

* It seems I should donate a few thoughts to baseball's opening day, what with that always being the best day of the sports year. So here goes: Nice pitch, Looper!