Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Great waste of time

Talk about a non-story. Wayne Gretzky might coach the Phoenix Coyotes.

Can someone tell me just what he is going to coach them to do? They clearly won’t be playing hockey next season. One could argue that there hasn’t been hockey in Phoenix for a few years anyway.

The NHL gets worse every day the lockout goes on. This is a sport that is now listed under Tennis and Women’s Basketball in the navigation of A sport whose top headlines include news of Patrick Elias’ bout with hepatitis, breaking news about USA Hockey and U.S. Figure Skating executive directors resigning and finally news on how the NHLPA wants to block replacement players.

Block replacement players! As if they could do anymore to assure that hockey will never be played again in North America. Since the end of football season and because of my absolute refusal to watch NBA basketball, I have been stuck watching rodeos, NCAA baseball and even NASCAR over the weekends. I even watched the Masters in hopes of seeing someone check Tiger Woods as he got ready to putt in the playoff.

Meanwhile, Mike Milbury just returned from a scouting trip to China. Unless they can get Yao Ming in a trade for Alexei Yashin, the Isles might be better off if the NHL never returns.


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