Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Icy reflections

Thoughts while watching Tuesday night's USA-Canada World Cup of Hockey game:

-Worst thing about hockey on ESPN: Gary Thorne's mispronunciations; best thing about hockey on ESPN: "sideline" reporter Erin Andrews.

-Jeremy Roenick is officially the Jerry "the King" Lawler of broadcasting.

-There is way too much yelling in that broadcast booth. Thorne and Roenick almost make Bill Clement tolerable.

-Canadians love hockey more than Brazilians love soccer, more than Americans love baseball, and more than Indians love badminton.

-Barry Melrose is still a goof. His mullet is still outstanding. Somehow it wouldn't be hockey without him. Where is John Buccigross? Riding the Zamboni with Cam Neely?

-Martin St. Louis = Theo Fleury with grace and without the baggage.

-I've got a great way to speed up the game: Get rid of the ridiculous 20-minute intermissions! And there are TWO of them!

-I thought of another... Make the blueline wider. There would be fewer off-sides calls (is there a more frustrating rule in the game?) and it would make the offensive zone a little larger.

-Kind of dig the 1920s-era yellow Team Canada sweaters, although I'm not sure that putting "CANADA" as the name on the back of every jersey is great for marketing.

-First hockey fight in two months: Jeff Halpern from Potomac, MD pounds on Norris Trophy winner Scott Niedermayer. Mario Lemieux drops the gloves with Steve Konowalchuk. This is what makes hockey fun.

-Former Ranger Brian Leetch is sporting sort of a spikey goatee. Sorry Brian, you're still not tough.

-Tell me this game isn't better than Cleveland 15, Yankees 0 or Marlins 2, Mets 0. I dare you.

-Canada 2, USA 1. Time to watch Sharapova.

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