Saturday, September 18, 2004

We need another Miracle!

Somewhere in between references to LL Cool J, twins and bling, my fellow blogger makes one thing clear in his previous post.

He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Hockey is a great American sport. Unfortunately a commissioner that makes Bud Selig look like the second-coming of Pete Rozelle has run it into the ground.

That is not to say that this lockout is the fault of Gary Bettman, but letting the NHL fall this far is. In 1994 we had the Rangers win the Stanley Cup (I mean buy the Stanley Cup), we had Gretzky in Hollywood and yes, even rap stars were wearing hockey jerseys in their videos. Hockey was on the brink of bling.

However, the Rangers fell apart, as did the Kings, knocking the NHL out of its two biggest American cities. The Canadian economy is designed to make people move south and we get stuck with expansion.

All I know is that if I don’t have any money coming in, I’m not going to build a new kitchen on my house. This is essentially what Bettman allowed.

No TV contract? Put a team in Phoenix! No new American stars? Put a team in Atlanta. And while this was all going on, great teams in big cities were being ignored. Detroit and New Jersey had a dynasties and no one noticed.

I agree hockey needs to change. It needs to accept its fate as the 4th sport in this country. They need to make the rinks bigger. They need a salary cap. They need fewer teams.

They need to come back.

And they do, I will be in Section 307, just under the overhang at Nassau Coliseum, where the spackle is cracking off the roof screaming.

Mike must go!