Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Back on the radar

Has it really been six weeks since I last felt inspired to contribute anything to our wonderful blog? I guess so...

Contrary to popular belief, I have not gone missing for any of the following reasons:

1) Suspension due to derisive comments regarding women's college basketball. Turns out, a lot of people agreed with me.

2) Overdosed on anti-depressants following cancellation of 2004-05 NHL season. Thank God for March Madness. But the Mets had better be playing 'meaningful games' this September...

3) Bought time-share in Port St. Lucie to be closer to the 'new' Mets. No, I'm not one of those. I'm glad I'm not one of those. By "those" I mean people like the Cowbell Man at Shea, the Yankee superfan who paints the logo on his face, and the lady Cardinals fan from the "I Live for This" commercial who says she cries before every game. I like baseball, but I mean, c'mon. Should MLB really be rewarding these people by putting them on television?

4) On sabbatical to discover the meaning of life. Actually, there's an element of truth to this one. But all I really discovered was how much I hate saturated coverage of spring training, the NBA in general, and the fact that I have memorized the outcome of every 2004 World Series of Poker tournament.

Now that I'm back, I plan to write at least once a week, provided I'm not commandeered to do other things -- like work. In the meantime, don't worry folks: I'm not planning any 1,000-word masterpieces on the NHL's new blue ice.... yet.

Here are some interesting sports things I've got kicking around my head these days:
  • NFL committee proposes 19 rule changes
  • Sabres draw attention with blue ice
  • Regis wins Class B state title